mx-it Studio lab is an office of architecture based in Mexico and Italy.

We love to work on different scales, “from the spoon to the city”. The studio develops innovative design projects, merging high profile architecture and urban planning with cutting-edge digital technologies. The purpose of design began to shift in the late 20th century from utility toward a more holistic combination of purpose and meaning. Thus far, 21st-century culture is centered on interaction: “I communicate, therefore I am” is the defining affirmation of contemporary existence, and objects and systems that were once charged only with formal elegance and functional soundness are now also expected to have personalities. Contemporary designers do not just provide function, form, and meaning, but also must draft the scripts that allow people and things to develop and improvise a dialogue.




In each project we always act locally improoving local synergies with an holistic vision focused on the world-wide trends. We love to study, follow and include new innovative ideas.


“The aim of contemporary thinking […] is so new to request an equally new method. This method can be achieved only through direct dialogue between person and person.” Martin Heidegger 1972